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At the end of every year, the gospel choir I belong to sings at the Adelaide railway station. The sound rolls down the concourse as trains full of “last week before Christmas” workers pull in. It’s great fun; the Victorian building with its barrel ceiling echoes wonderfully, many commuters smile, take video and sing along.

A choir seems to me a lot like a work team that’s performing well. We have a conductor without whom we lose our way and sound ragged. He leads the choir but his whole purpose is to make us sound good, not to draw attention to himself. And he needs the choir as much as we need him, or he’s just some guy with music in his head waving his arms around.

We have a common goal and we each have a part to sing. As accurately as possible, following direction, and with the group, but also taking personal responsibility. When we don’t and we rely too heavily on those around us we literally go flat! From time to time there are soloists who sing something different and unique before joining the group again. These aren’t always the same people, nor are they necessarily those with the “best” voice. But everyone who takes a risk to sing out is supported by the rest of us.

Singing is part of my life and part of my Christmas celebrations. I hope that through the year you will find your song and likeminded people to sing it with!

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