Magpie choices

Almost grown magpies always amuse me. Nearly as large as their parents, they squawk and fuss, incessantly demanding bugs.

Four months ago I received unexpected news at work that significantly changed my focus and priorities for the rest of this year and beyond. As a result I’ve been more aware than usual about the choices that I make.

There have been choices about what to pursue hard and strategically, and what to let go. About how to spend time and energy so I look after myself as well as supporting others. Choices about what I will do so I finish well and am well positioned as I begin something new. I’ve made choices about the sorts of conversations I have and who I have them with. Some of these conversations have been about new opportunities and some about how things are going today. Many have been full of excitement and possibility. Others have been about the difficulties and sadness that comes along with forced change -but not too many of these. I know bird shit when I see it, I don’t need to go out of my way to step in it!

When we find ourselves in a place we didn’t expect we always get to answer the question “Will I be a teenage magpie?” Making a lot of noise, demanding others’ attention, resisting change and finding ways to argue… I’ve chosen to find my own bugs, sing my song and fly.

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